Who on earth are these characters?  Are they real, or are they actors?  They are, strange as it may seem, “real” – all have proper jobs running their own consultancies.  They have developed the How NOT 2 concept from approaching 100 years of experience in the fields of learning and development, business management and TV production.

All the gaffes you see in the videos come from bitter personal experience somewhere in our corporate careers.  The fact that we are not actors helps the videos to feel more lifelike, we hope.

Michael Brown

Studied Music at Oxford and then went and joined a brewery (as you do).  Worked for 15 years in sales and marketing at Whitbread before getting into training.  He trains at all levels in behavioural skills, especially leadership, negotiation and sales.  Much of his work is overseas, so he has recently taken to doing it from his kitchen over the internet.  Reckons he has yet to find where the limits are in the training room and treats each and every programme he runs as a voyage of discovery.


Spencer Holmes

Spent 6 years in rehab (working) and some would say should have stayed there.  He learned things in a hospital that he has used ever since in management development, mostly legal.  With an MBA, an “Advanced Practitioner” in Managing Successful Programmes, his APMP Project Management credentials, qualifications in occupational testing and even a degree in sport, his walls are festooned with certificates.  He works round the World and round the clock and loves problem solving on an organisation, team or individual level.  And he likes running barefoot.


Iain Smith

Has been described as “an all round skills and training guy”.  He was London Underground’s and then Transport for London’s Head of Skills for a number of years before shedding his corporate skin.  With 25 years of experience, he has set up and run a number of training organisations, written and delivered countless programmes and is currently dabbling with cutting edge stuff like serious games.  He works with large and small organisations as a consultant, coach or interim Director, and sits on a number of Government and Industry Boards / Councils.



Stuart Roper

Stuart is a man of many parts.  He wrote and performed our title music and the slide guitar stuff in the videos, and designed our logo.  He is a superb artist as well as graphics designer.  He has one or two strange Scottish habits, is a bon viveur and all round great chap.  He is married to the Mayor of Wantage.


Louise Towler

Louise is the genius behind our website and has answered all our prayers about how we might ever be able to competently make an online commercial site work.  She has been wonderfully tolerant of our changes of mind and generally half baked ideas, and we recommend her highly if you want to get a commercial site going.  If she can do it for us, she can do it for anyone!


Gary Lintern

Gary is our mobile learning expert.  He knows how to turn our videos into a self contained piece of learning which can be viewed on pretty well any mobile device.  Working for 10 years as a teacher and training other teachers in learning theory is a pretty useful background.  Knowing how to get people to learn and then remember it is pretty much all that matters, arguably.  He is one of the most helpful and positive people you’ll ever meet.  And is a cycling fanatic.