Conflict in action

With our latest video, Conflict in Action, we’ve taken a slightly different approach.  The idea is that you try and work out which Conflict Preference the characters are demonstrating in four different “scenes”, and then think about how they could have achieved a better result.  It’s ideal for using in a workshop as well as for individual study.

conflict 2Mike does the introduction, in which he talks about the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, which is the model in which the video is based.  He wanted to check that what he said was factually correct, so contacted the co-author, Ralph Kilman himself, for his comments. It turned out that Mike had indeed messed up, and we had to do some nifty editing in order not to mislead people.

A case of “inexpert incompetence” perhaps?  Well, we can’t all be perfect!

Here’s the full article Mike wrote explaining things, if you’re interested.

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