Tailored Video Services

You may prefer a customised video for your exclusive use.  We’d be happy to oblige.

This could work in one of two ways:

1.  Take an existing video and have us “top and tail” it, with your logo title pages and possibly even an introductory clip created by you, or by us using your copy

2.  Brief us to make a video on a topic supplied by you.  Give us the “gaffes” that need to come out and leave the rest to us.

Prices will vary based on complexity, length, location and so on, so we’ll provide you with a quote once we’ve had a chance to discuss your requirements.

You might like us to develop the video into a more comprehensive e-learning solution, with supporting models and theory, exercises and so on.  Again, our combined 50 years of experience in learning and development mean that we can readily work on this with you.

Email mike@hownot2.com to set up an initial conversation.