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The futile Project Review

The name “Project Review” gives a “How NOT2” Project Manager every excuse to make it a monumental waste of people’s time. Okay, there are things to be gained from reviewing the past, but why not write those up (succinctly) and pass them round before the meeting? Unless the team has a time machine, not much […]

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How NOT 2 plan a project. A cunning plan?

What is it we have against putting a plan together? Why does thinking something through seem to be so dimly viewed? Leadership? – “I didn’t get where I am today by thinking about things”. Often the people I meet in Middle Earth (somewhere between first day newbies and the Chief Exec) are perfectly able and […]

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How to mess up “continuous improvement”

This Blog is the first of a series I have planned that are dedicated to the multitude of “How NOT 2’s” I have witnessed in the world of project management over the years. The biggest problem I have as I stare at my screen is:  “where do I start?”! Let’s give “continuous improvement” a poke. […]

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