Fiona Cummins,  Learning and Development Manager – Cory Environmental

As a Learning and Development Manager and Trainer over the years I have spent many an hour trying to track down   humorous and appropriate videos for various training events. I would recommend looking at the How Not 2 selection, they are short, sharp witty and interactive and could be used by any industry to get the message across at a cost effective price.  I look forward to seeing what they release next.

Susan Hudson, Learning & Development Manager, Stewart Milne Group

These videos are a fantastic way to get the message across as they help to summarise the material delivered at internal training courses.  They bring the subject in hand to life and can be less intimidating than “role-plays” that the majority of people claim to hate in training sessions.


Venerable Steve Wilcockson, Archdeacon of Doncaster

Steve WilcocksonThe really helpful but scary thing about watching this funny “How Not 2” DVD was that I could recognise some of my own traits in Michael! In fact, in my own coaching practice, most trainees have to make the journey from telling people how to succeed, to enabling them to find their own authentic pathway. This video offers a caricature of real-life mistakes. Be ready to laugh at yourself, and you will find yourself in there somewhere. The accompanying “Gaffe Guide” offers a helpful check-list to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Trish Stretton, Director, People face2face Ltd

I love these guys, bet they had fun producing these and they’ve certainly crammed in plenty for students to pick out.

Richard Pheasant, Senior Management Associate, Spearhead Training, Dubai

What was interesting (and worrying), was how many people related to the video and the experience of Spencer. They are expected to develop their employees this coming year, and your video seemed to fit that situation very well and to show them how ‘not’ to do it.