Business Skills videos showing How NOT 2 go about it

Welcome to How NOT 2, a different way of learning some essential business skills.  Our videos model expert incompetence.  They challenge people to spot the (deliberate) errors that we make.  When they do that they have to consider the correct way to do it.  As a result of that they learn, and quite possibly have some fun at the same time.  This is a great resource for both trainers and individuals.

Each video has 20 or more “gaffes” (errors).  This may surprise you, given their length.  Bear in mind that at times there may be more than one “gaffe” being demonstrated.  So you need a sharp pencil and all your faculties engaged to keep up with our  high level of incompetence.  Every video you buy comes with its own “Gaffe Guide” to the errors and how to rectify them, and you can also purchase further training materials to support a longer training session on the topic.

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