Crossover Bolt

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Length: 3 1/4 inch
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Orders before 1PM PST ship the same day (M-S)

Orders before 1PM PST ship the same day (M-S)

Orders before 1PM PST ship the same day (M-S)

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Description & Tech Specs

  • 1/4" Crossed Wires
  • Drill Hole Dia: 1/2"
  • 316L Stainless Steel.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Exceptional strength
  • Breaking Strain-40+kN
  • Visually low impact
  • Requires a Stainless Steel or hard plastic mallet or deadblow hammer to place.
  • Constricted fit: The Patent Pending Crossover wedging system provides a mechanical advantage that locks the anchor in place while the bonding agent cures. This is helpful on over-hanging routes!
  • Device usable by only a single connected user: 1P

Both the 4" and 4.75" sizes can be installed using a standard 6 x 1/2" SDS-PLUS drill bit. The 6" size is too long and requires a longer bit.


We sell a 14mm bit which is 1.3mm larger than the designed 1/2" drill bit the bolts are intended to be installed with. This can be used with the only considerations being a slight increase in glue usage and a non interference fitment.


Please note that dimensions may vary slightly from bolt to bolt due to manufacturing variability 



What makes the Crossover bolt so unique is it's patent pending "Crossover LockSystem" (or "Crossover System")

This system employees a mechanical advantage, (*however, this bolt must be glued in following the bonding agent manufacturers instructions with strict attention paid to cure times/temperatures).

This mechanical advantage provides a positive "set" position that secures the anchor in place. This feature ensures that the bolt does not move while the bonding agent cures, making it perfect for steeps or roof placements. This is all achieved via the "Crossover LockSystem".

How it works:

After preparing a 1/2" hole, (e.g. - drilling, cleaning, dry testing bolt to be placed, injecting bonding agent, (e.g.- glue), etc.)

The 1/2" Crossover bolt is inserted into the hole with a twisting action, clockwise and counter-clockwise until it is at full depth and the "eye" of the bolt is touching the wall.

Using a Stainless Steel hammer or a hard plastic hammer, (such as a deadblow), The installer gives the bolt 3 - 5 solid blows on the top, outside edge of the eye to activate and "set" the "Crossover LockSystem.

Once the Crossover LockSystem has been activated with a bonding agent in the hole, the bonding agent fills the spaces in between the wire legs of the bolt, (these spaces were created by the Crossover LockSystem's activation).


When the bolt is shipped, it is in the "neutral position", (see below). The bolt must be in this position to fit inside a 1/2", (0.50"), diameter hole.



In this "neutral position", the tip is approximately 11.5 mm or 0.452"



As seen below, after activation of the Crossover LockSystem, the tip can reach 14+ mm or 0.55+ inches



As stated above, once activated, the gap in the wire legs of the bolt fill in with bonding agent, (glue), and once that hardens, the wedge cannot deactivate. See below.


As can be seen in the first picture, above, the bonding agent is completely encompassing the Crossover bolt showing how well the bonding agent adheres to the bolts design. It also wraps around the beveled ends of the tip of the bolt which increases the bolt's ability to withstand rotational torque.

The glue grooves add 6+ kN to the Crossover bolts holding power!

Below you can see in the first picture a Crossover Bolt in it's neutral position. Notice the shape of the eye.


Now see the fully set Crossover bolt below, notice the eye. The eye should look similarly after proper placement. Care should be taken not to "over drive" the bolt while hammering on it during the setting/activation process. "Over driving" the bolt can cause the eye to shrink to a size that will not accept a carabiner. Avoid exessive hammering when installing.



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