Z2R - Drill Powered Pulley

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Description & Tech Specs

What is a Z2R ?

The Z2R drill powered pulley is a more convenient and affordable option to battery powered ascenders. Not only can you use it to ascend a rope (with PPE equipment), you can use it to haul equipment or rescue loads. Use the lever to disengage the gears and control your descent with the friction arms…

Who is this for?

The Z2R might have applicable use cases for:

  • Arborists
  • Rope access
  • Search and rescue
  • Sailors
  • Trail workers
  • Off roaders
  • Lifting dummies in drop tower trees
  • Tensioning 2km long highlines
  • Rope swing retrievals
  • People with spending problems

Deep Dive Video

We try to understand the products we sell as better than the manufacturers. With this in mind, we tested the Z2R both in and outside of its specified use to see what could go wrong. We talk about the many applications in can be used for and tested to see how far you can go with one drill battery.

Z2R vs Skylotech Milan 2.0

Skylotec’s drill powered ascender is similar but here are the the advantages of the Z2R:

  • Z2R has a wider range of rope diameters (9mm-11mm) that it is compatible with. We also demonstrate an 8mm and 12mm can be used and the context you should understand about that. The Milan 2.0 is only made for 9mm ropes which limits which industries can use it
  • Z2R is again, significantly cheaper. Millan 2.0 costs 55% more
  • Z2R can be used like a progress capture with a 3:1 ascending technique, removing the need for a bulky wheel in your face while you work
  • Z2R self-feeds the rope. You don’t have to mind the slack freeing your other hand to manage your backup. The Milan 2.0 requires constant management of the rope slack.
  • We could not find any information online whether or not you can open the unit and insert the rope at any point or if it is pre-installed. The best Milan 2.0 video we could find is here

1 Year Limited Warranty

Official Warranty: This product is a consumable. The manufacturer provides a ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY for defects in the materials and production process of the product. The warranty does NOT cover damage to the product caused by wear, deformation, corrosion, oxidation, self-modification or repair, incorrect operation, improper storage and transportation, and other usage than for which it was designed. Do NOT use an impact drill. The damage caused by this is not covered by the warranty. The input shaft components are wear parts and are not covered by the warranty, but they are easily replaceable.

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