We want to answer every question people have about the gear they trust with their life. The store exists to support the channel and its mission.


Helpful - We aim to provide the most helpful information about gear. To us, superior customer service is ACTUALLY solving customers’ problems.

Reliable - We do what we say, when we say we are going to do it. People even get their orders for free if we don’t put it in the mail the day they order it.

Stoked - Adventure is the best part of life. We are stoke dealers.


Want to learn more about the channel & store? Here are our core behind-the-scenes videos.



Store Team - CURRENTLY FULL (Click here if interested)

The best climbing store in the world needs the best people. We build our team around stoked, helpful and reliable people. There is a nice mix of physical and mental jobs to keep the day interesting. This is an IN-PERSON position in the Seattle, WA area. Leave your information in the link above so we can contact you if we have an opening.

Chief Nerd Officer - COMING SOON (Click here if interested)

We want our content to have the most helpful information possible, so we need a dedicated person to dig into the nerdy details before the camera is turned on. This person will also help us share the information after the core content is created.

Chief Story Officer - COMING SOON (Click here if interested)

If a carabiner breaks but no one sees it in slow motion with a “wow, no way!” audio clip over the footage, did science happen? No… no it did not. We need someone to help make our science entertaining. This includes editing, writing, info-graphics, images, etc.