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Slackline Community

Find other slackliners and spots to slackline

This was a massive project by the ISA Team and HowNOT2 to help connect slackliners and share beta on where we can put up our 1" wiggle bridges.  Add your groups to this database if you have one to share.

Slackline Events

This calendar hosted by ISA and has EVENTS,CONTESTS, and EDUCATION. Have an event to add? Submit one HERE.

Join my friends on their adventures


Come join us for one of the rowdiest times of your life! Stand on the edge of a massive 400 foot cliff, muster up all the courage inside your being, overcome every bit of fear inside yourself, and take the plunge of your life! Our expert guides take all the worry out of things by providing the safest and time-tested skills and rigging systems around! Our goal is that your life may be forever changed! 


Experience Salt Lake City like you never have before. From a bike carriage speed perspective; slow and steady. Whether you’re seeking historical religious artifacts or modern art murals for your photo documentary of our beautiful city. Our bike carriage tours are customizable to your satisfaction!


Andy Lewis is the owner of BASE Jump Moab and is the worlds leading Tandem BASE pilot with the most Tandem BASE jumps in the world off cliffs. He is a professional extreme adventure sports athlete specializing in Rigging, Climbing, Exploration, Slackline, BASE jumping, and is helping spearhead the evolution of Tandem BASE.