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Our Best Kept Secret

100% of our info is 100% free but with a store we finally can do something extra for supporters. $99 a year (about $1 per episode) and you get 20% of EVERYTHING for the year. You don't have to get that much gear before that actually starts saving you money. Check it out here.

Early Released Content

The email version of this video shares more about the store than what was shared on youtube or on our website

Free Graphing Software for the LS3

100% of our info is 100% free

The Big Wall Bible

Free Graphing Software for the LS3

Just drag and drop your CSV files from your linescale 3 on this PAGE of our website and it automatically makes graphs.

*Giveaways Terms and Conditions

Giveaways: A random number generator picks from the list of those who OPENED the last email. This discourages people from submitting multiple emails to increase their chances of winning. You will get an email if you've won. You have 7 days to accept. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. Making a purchase or payment of any kind will not increase your chances of winning. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. These rules are subject to change.