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The Big Wall Bible

Knowledge is zero grams. Take it with you.

This is free resource by HowNOT2 that will help you get up big rocks. Big walling is a big topic so we broke it into bite-size "pitches" with a video to START each one. The aim is to have lots of videos, photos, and written content in each section, not just by us, but from others as well.

This book is in a blog format. This page points to all 14 chapters, and the end of each chapter points to the next.

A downloadable PDF is available HERE.

As helpful as it is to talk about each part in detail, it is probably more helpful just to watch us do start to finish on a real rock. The climbers in us wish we got to do the entire course on real rock but that wasn't possible for us, however, we did make it a priority for the last video. We shot top-down while Jeremiah led and explained what and WHY he was doing each movement. Then he filmed me cleaning the pitch.


You are probably tired of hearing this but you don't know what you don't know. You could be a crusher leader, but you've never hauled before. You may have done each component in isolation from other sports or working in rope access, but if you glue it all together for 1 practice pitch, you will be at least twice as efficient on your first wall than if you show up cold turkey. Possibly even 5x more efficient. It's shocking how many perfectly good climbers are all thumbs once they get on a wall. If you do practice aid climb a thin 5.13 crack, be mindful not to damage the route because every microscopic flake and nub is what those free climbing demi-gods hang onto. Just try to stay out of people's way if it is an extremely popular 5.10 route because it would be rude to hog it for 3 hours while you drag up a bag confusing everyone with what you are doing.

I'll write more soon!!!

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