Knife-Style Wire Brush

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Material: Brass Plated
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Description & Tech Specs

This is a pretty popular wire brush among developers worldwide. It's inexpensive to begin with, and the curved tip helps get into crevices. After a few uses, the spine can begin to splay, making it fall apart. We have added a small screw into the handle to hold the brush blade in. Then we squirt a row of expired epoxy to reinforce the wire bristles into the spine. The brush will last way longer as it's held together much better now.

We recommend these brushes for hard rock types. You can also spot-test to see if it's suitable or not for your rock type. 

Stainless Steel wire brush (wire is 0.3mm diameter) : recommended for deep cleaning to remove stubborn moss, algae, lichen, fine dirt, etc. More suitable for quartzite & granite.

Brass-plated steel wire brush (wire is 0.2mm diameter) : a little less aggressive than the stainless steel brush. 

Brush length: 235mm ( 9.25 inch ) 

Brush weight: 110g ( 3.9 oz )

WARNING: The wire bristles can poke out and are sharp. Take care when handling and storing.

TIP: You can make your worn-down brush go even further by getting an angle grinder (or hacksaw) to cut off the front worn-down portion, and still have a usable half left. Then use some chemical adhesive (or epoxy putty) to seal the cut end. Enjoy your salvaged mini-brush

Climbing Taiwan comments: “$4 bucks for a wire brush! I can get this thing for a couple dollars at the hardware store!”---Maybe you can, & if so go for it and make your own. My instructions can be found here.

It's a great way to use up any old glue you have sitting around.


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