Cam Hooks

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Orders before 1PM PST ship the same day (M-S)

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Description & Tech Specs

Cam Hooks
Cam Hooks are used to smoothly make quick progress up cracks. The use of applied leverage transfers bodyweight into holding force against the rock. Place protection pieces as if you are free climbing. Climb past funky placements with clean “finger locks” of metal.  The over-bent hook has a subtle hourglass-shaped tip that locks into cracks and pin scars. Smooth surfaces around webbing tie-off hole reduces webbing wear. Patterned after Ed Leeper’s amazing design.

Sling with 9/16″ supertape or 1/2″ tie-off webbing. If using the 9/16″ supertape, cut the webbing with a 45 degree angle to make it easier to feed through the tie-off hole.  1/2″ tie-off webbing allows more versatility on how the sling is oriented.  If using 1/2″ tie-off webbing, inspect the webbing frequently – It can wear out quickly. 


Narrows and Wides are the workhorses of the group. Double up on these in order to make sequential moves by leapfrogging them. Use this method to climb cleanly and quickly, placing pro as if you were free climbing.

Fragile Flake/Extra Wides have less leverage against the rock and are less likely to break off delicate features. They are made of aluminum which is softer than steel and has a better “bite” on the rock to increase holding friction.

The Micro fits into smaller cracks and constrictions. Caution: Do not use Micro cam hooks in “inverted” placements.



Finish:  A water-displacing dry film oil is applied to steel cam hooks during manufacturing. If a surface becomes rusty, remove rust with Scotch-Brite or a fine abrasive pad.  Aluminum cam hooks can become oxidized by prolonged exposure to the elements and can be polished with Scotch-Brite or a fine abrasive pad.  Remove any moisture from cam hook surfaces and oil with a good water-displacing product (WD-40 or equivalent) when not in use.  Wipe off excess oil with a clean, dry cloth.  Store in a dry place.
Shape: Use a file to remove any burrs that have resulted from heavy use. Do not use a grinder or belt sander. This will undo the heat treating.

100% Made in the U.S.A.

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