Capto Soft Shackle

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Description & Tech Specs

Strong, compact, and durable, the CAPTO Soft Shackle is an excellent companion for every CAPTO. The CAPTO Soft Shackle installs through the CAPTO cam axle (which is hollow) to provide an additional attachment point for smooth remote resets and easy device stowage on a harness or gear rack. It should not be considered a life-supporting or load bearing / rated attachment point. The CAPTO Soft Shackle is ideally sized for easy installation and operation. Its low friction Dyneema braid has a 3.5 mm external diameter, allowing it to hand feed through CAPTO’s 3.9 mm rivet hole without requiring mouse lines or other tools. The length is long enough for attaching carabiners yet short enough to prevent looping around the tail of the CAPTO Cam.

The key to using the CAPTO soft shackle is manipulating the outer sheath, which adjusts the overall shape and allows opening and closing of the loop around the ball knot. To install the CAPTO Soft Shackle, straighten and lengthen it to the maximum extent by pulling the sheath toward the loop end. Push the loop end through the CAPTO rivet hole in the cam axle. Pull the Soft Shackle all the way through the CAPTO until the ball knot contacts the sidewall. Open the loop by pulling on the loop and pulling back on the sheath. Pass the loop over the ball knot. Secure it in place by moving the sheath toward the loop end to close it around the ball knot. As with any accessory loop used in this manner, monitor the CAPTO Soft Shackle to keep it away from moving parts. Refer to the CAPTO manual for details.


  • Provides an attachment point for CAPTO remote resets and device stowage
  • Compact and low friction for easy installation through CAPTO’s cam axle
  • Ideally sized for attaching carabiners without risk of looping around cam
  • Extremely strong and durable: UV stabilized & abrasion resistant Dyneema
  • Lightweight: 4-6 times lighter than equivalent stainless steel shackles
  • Soft & safer than metal shackles: no damage to other equipment or people
  • Can be threaded through narrow gaps, where metal shackles can’t go through
  • Easy to use, very simple to open & close (no tools like shackle opener required)
  • No fiddling with bits that can loosen, come apart, or fall out (they float!)
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