Ultralight Ring Hanger

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Description & Tech Specs

An innovative new type of ring hanger.
Perfectly combined a rappel ring with a hanger.


Hanger hole is 8mm for use with 8mm bolts.

Inside diameter of the ring part is 32mm, as big as a normal ring, results in good maneuverability.
Due to having enough space for a spanner, it can be placed as easily as a normal hanger.
Designed for multi day expeditions, when weight matters.
Brought to you by TEBYLON, a canyoning equipment brand from Taiwan.


Climbing Taiwan's Break Test


Climbing Taiwan's results and comments:
RESULTS: (from only having 4 new hangers to test):
Tensile Test*: New hanger 26.86 kN, reused hanger 25.03 kN
Tension Test w/ bolt: 22.55 kN
Shear Test w/ bolt**: 24.51 kN, 23.98 kN, reused hanger 26.15 kN
Eye Test: reused hangers 34.98 kN & 35.87 kN

*More noticeable plastic deformation began around +3kN, so you'd have to decide if this is something you're OK with or not. The hanger is still plenty strong though.
**So here's the thing with 8mm (5/16") stainless steel bolts. In our 35+ tests of this size bolt, we typically get a range of 22 to 28kN, with more results sitting in the 24kN range; and in special cases with a ring nut pulling in tension we've even got 31 kN. Because of this, some other hanger manufacturers for example, will rate their 8mm hole hanger more conservatively to 22kN. So even though this hanger is rated to 26kN, it is really only as strong as the bolt you are using it with.**

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